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Chapman's Handy Teachers' Weekly Rotating Timetable Generator

Info Page

This is version 2.0. See what's new here.

First of all you need to provide some basic information. Edit the prefilled form below.

To begin with, you may find it helpful to accept the prefilled info by clicking 'Define rules' at the bottom of the form, then trying the example on the next page.



User name:


Optionally log in if you want to save or load info or put your timetable online (register here first).

Enter pupils' names
One name per line.
Date of first lesson

Enter as words eg March 2nd 2016 (do include year)

Total no of weeks in term
Including half term
Numbers of missed weeks, separated by commas

E.g. if you're away for the second week, and half term is week 6, enter 2,6

Enter your lesson times

One per line. Start the line with an asterisk for a dummy entry, eg Lunch, when nobody should come.


Either make your timetable straight away, or first specify conditions about when your pupils can come, etc.