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This will enable you to save or load info,rules and timetables for future recall. You can even publish your timetable online with a single click: you will be given a link which you can then email to parents etc.
Please note at the moment any data posted is not at all secure.





New for V2.0

There has been a major redesign to allow easier navigation through the site.

Before, data (now called 'info') could be changed separately from the rules which led to errors. Now the info and rules are bound together and saved and loaded as one.

The rules page itself has been rationalised. Now all rules are shown in the table further down the page.
In detail: for each pupil, for each time on each date, one of three states is stored: CAN, CANNOT or MUST. The default is CAN. Any state can be set using the top form. The lower table shows all the states. Here you can also set or unset a state to MUST, but to set or unset CANNOT you still have to use the top form. The CANNOT menu is not shown if it has been over-ridden by a MUST. If that name is then unset the menu will reappear.

There is a new 'mode' called Random skip which is like Random but tries to avoid pupils missing consecutive lessons on consecutive weeks. It may not work if there are tight constraints or a long rotation period.

As well as school info (first page) and rules/conditions (second page) you can now save timetables (third page). Plus, there is a special feature which lets you load a timetable as rules. What this does is to set as MUSTs all lessons which have already occurred (based on the dates set). Suppose you have made a timetable, but after two weeks you are told a pupil cannot come at a certain time from now on. Then you would 'Load timetable as rules', and make a new timetable. The point is that the program needs to know what has already happened to preserve the rotation. I introduced this feature because this was the main scenario where I found the program cumbersome to use.