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Now define any conditions for pupils who can't, or must, make specific times/dates.


You can make multiple selections from each list (hold Shift as you click for several together, or Control for separate ones).

Example using default info: suppose that Alice and Charles are both away on the 6th of January. Click on the name Alice, then press the Control key as you click on Charles. Now click on 10.00, then press Shift as you click on 3.10 to select the whole day (or just drag over the whole column). Then click on 6 Jan, followed by 'Apply rule'.

  You must Apply any rules you have made above before clicking 'Make timetable'.

  Depending on which rules have been set this may take up to a minute...

You may also set (or unset) pupils' lesson times individually by selecting them below (shown in blue) . Works in conjunction with the 'must do/has done' option above.
Where there is a second menu underneath it contains the names of pupils who cannot do that time (shown in red) . To reset to the default 'can do' state use the table above.



Rotation period   This is the minimum number of weeks pupils must wait before having another lesson at the same time.
Remove pupils
Remove particular pupils from the constraint of the rotation period (eg 6th formers with free periods, although you can leave this if you have set their times in the tables above).
An asterisk after a name means they have already been removed.

Check the box to make everyone subject to the rotation period.